The Perfect breakfast Smoothie. No added sugar or fats. Just pure Mangoes. Ingredients: 3 to 4 Mangoes, Chopped in chunks, Frozen for 24 hours. Suggestions for [...]
Chilled… Refreshing.. and full of ripe summery flavors. Described as a ‘Salad Soup’, this soup can be made with whatever is ripe and ready. Feel free [...]
Decadent, Rich Chocolate Cheesecake, thats free of Dairy, and free of Refined Sugar. It’s so Good. it’s Melt in your mouth, lick the plate, go back [...]
Caramelised Onions and stewed dates leads a sweet taste to this otherwise Savory recipe. The slow cooked lamb is then shredded and enjoyed wrapped in a [...]
This easy baked Salmon is super easy and packed with flavor. This recipe has no refined sugars, the only sweetness is from the Miso and Raw [...]
Quality raw real chocolate, with all of the health benefits and without skimming on taste. This recipe has minimal ingredients, melt over the stove, pour into [...]
Velvety and creamy without any cream. Amazing color & texture, and so very healthy. Ingredients: 3 Tbsp Raw Cashews 5 Medium Sized Courgettes, Trimmed and Chopped [...]
Traditionally fried, but here is a simple flavorful low carb recipe of a baked version, stuffed with cubes of Feta Cheese and rolled in Nigella seeds [...]
This tangy artichoke hummus recipe is such a simple crowd pleasing dip. Packed with great flavors and is perfect with Pita chips or chopped veggies. Ingredients: [...]
Refreshing, Light, Vibrant and Super healthy. Ingredients: 4 Cucumbers, diced in medium sized cubes 3/4 Cups of Raw Almonds, Roughly Chopped 2 Tbsp of Olive Oil, [...]
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