Crunchy, Tangy, Sweet & Savory. This Hearty Salad is an incredible combination of textures and flavors and makes for a wonderful and satisfying Vegan lunch or [...]
Orange Blossom adds a beautiful floral component to your otherwise plain Lebnah & olive oil dish. Make it your own by grating some lemon or orange [...]
This tarty lime avocado cheesecake has a creamy and refreshing avocado coconut filling with a date and pecan and shredded coconut crust. It’s super easy to [...]
The traditional Bakewell tart has a pastry base, with layers of jam or sweetened & spiced buttery fruit topped with toasted and glazed flaked almonds. Here’s [...]
A Fresh Tabboula Salad for a filling and satisfying uber healthy meal. This recipe is a twist on the middle eastern staple. we are obsessed with [...]
A gorgeous Healthy decadent dessert, tender caramelized spiced apples under crispy nutty almonds make for a great low carb alternative, and is just as delicious as [...]
This thick smoothie in a bowl is packed with superfoods, health boosters and natural sweeteners. Antioxidant Rich Acai Berries whipped up and topped with blood orange [...]
Easy, No Bake, Tasty bites with homemade peanut butter and raw cacao prepared in no time. tasty Bites that are perfect for on the go snacking [...]
A beautiful vegan layered dessert of creamy cherry chocolate on top of a cinnamon spiced gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy and egg free crumbly [...]
This vegan stuffed butternut squash recipe is a shining example of a healthy vibrant satisfying dish packed with all the plant based ingredients for wholesome goodness! [...]
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